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This simple and self directed tool has been specifically designed by Acendz International to assist organizations and employees to identify and clarify work related needs.

WorkTALKS™ Solution

Traditionally, organisations have accessed a range of tools to assess individual competency, yet those factors that determine motivation and ultimately engagement are often neglected. Without identifying criteria that contribute to high levels of job satisfaction, employees risk making important professional decisions based only on perceived or assessed levels of competency. 

WorkTALKS™ provides the opportunity to have work related talks with an objective and external professional coach, or internal in house coach, following the completion of a series of online motivational assessments.

In association with the individual assessment profiles that are generated, comprehensive planning workbooks are also provided to further assist the employee to clarify and plan current or future professional direction.

Organizations often choose to provide WorkTALKS™, as a cost effective way to support the decision making that is required when internal role options become available as a result of organisational re-design or when low levels of motivation have the potential to impact performance.

For further information visit our WorkTALKS™ website or contact us.

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