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A blended online and face to face coaching management tool that sets the standard for up-skilling people managers in the techniques of developmental coaching at the same time as assisting the employee to assess professional motivation and to identify developmental options.

TWOwayFOCUS SolutionsManagement Training

The greater the understanding of individual motivation, the greater will be the manager’s ability to place the effort where it achieves the most optimal results. People Managers will learn how to leverage motivation and job satisfaction to create a more productive and engaged workforce that is guaranteed to align with business goals.

Retain Key Talent

In good times, manager and employee discussions are predominantly upbeat and positive. However, during tough times even informal conversations can get way off track. TWOwayFOCUS™  principled conversations  support a smooth pathway towards the formal review and enable people managers and employees to maintain a positive direction for themselves and for the business.

Promote Professional Growth

TWOwayFOCUS™ will encourage clarity around developmental options and goals with more than fifty potential options explored and assessed. Opportunity for development is a proven retention factor and for those businesses that choose to demonstrate genuine intent to grow and develop people, the unexpected costs associated with unplanned turnover will be significantly reduced.

Attract Industry Performers

As global economies start to improve, the greatest threat facing many organizations is the head hunting of key talent. During tough times competitor weaknesses and strengths become clearer and industry ‘movers and shakers’ are seen as critical as to whether a business succeeds or fails.  When businesses apply TWOwayFOCUS™ to enhance a culture of development, industry high performers are attracted and help to grow company success.

Strategic Development

One of the key features of TWOwayFOCUS™ is the customized Motivational Analysis that is generated and provided to those responsible internally for strategic people development.  The motivational analysis reports on the motivational trends across the business including job satisfaction, work life balance, work related incentives and ideals by employee age band, gender, role tenure, longevity with the business, business unit and location. This crucial information is often sought by Organisational Development and Strategic HR Managers when defining people strategy moving forward.

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