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Individual Transition

Individual TransitionAs organizations face the ongoing need to downsize and re-size to address strategic business objectives, the high costs associated with traditional outplacement services are being increasingly challenged.

Businesses are struggling to measure value when choosing to invest in people who are actually leaving the organization. Instead the focus has turned to those remaining who have been identified as pivotal to future business success.

The Acendz Career Transition portal provides a wide range of re-deployment and outplacement services for businesses where selections can be made based on specific business and individual need and budget constraints.

To reduce transition costs while ensuring that proven high impact career and job search advice is provided, managers are turning to Acendz as a successful alternative to costly traditional outplacement.

Designed by an outplacement specialist with more than 25 years industry experience, the Acendz product range consists of highly innovative tools that are unparalleled globally. Career in Transit™ is fundamentally changing the way that businesses choose to support employees impacted by workplace change and redundancy.

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