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Partnership Opportunities

Partnership OpportunitiesEach Acendz management tool and product is available via licensed global partners that have been specifically selected based on proven relevant experience, excellent professional reputation and high quality service deliverables.

There are multiple benefits to Acendz partnership, several of which are listed below:

Capitalise on current business trends

Recent research has proven that as the recession ends, more than 45% of employees will look for work elsewhere. With each unplanned resignation cost of turnover has been conservatively proven to be 1.5 times the salary of the departing employee. Business Managers are now turning their attention to retention and engagement solutions in the face of escalating turnover costs that have the potential to occur at a time when businesses can least afford to take the risk.

Maximise your firm's financial return

Enjoy the opportunity to establish your own fee structure based on known market demands and expectations. Take advantage of more than a decade of research and development into high impact - low cost solutions that drive business and people capability.

Supplement existing business services

Enhance your firm's business capability by expanding on services currently provided. Have direct access to key decision makers in business by developing leadership effectiveness. Access Acendz’ business solutions to meet multiple organizational needs that also provide a measurable Return on Investment for your clients, cross sell existing services and 'open the door' to historically difficult to infiltrate organisations.

Enhance customer relationship management

Develop long term partnerships with clients and improve non reactive business opportunity. Demonstrate the ways in which concerning results of culture surveys and engagement studies can be addressed in a practical and straightforward way. Help clients to foster an organizational culture based on open communication, effective leadership and mutual trust. Show technically capable people managers how to have 'crucial conversations' with employees to stop the domino effect of unwanted resignation.

Enjoy access to a proven technology platform

Save the huge costs incurred with developing and maintaining specialist online capability to support business practices. Receive ongoing technical support and co-brand each portal to enhance your own company market profile.

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We are currently inviting Expressions of Interest from firms interested in becoming an Acendz Global Partner.

If you would like more information about joining our Partnership Team so you can pass on the numerous benefits of one or  more of Acendz’ Business Solutions to your clients, please click here.

We will be in contact with you shortly to discuss further.

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If you are an existing Acendz Partner, please login to access the partner knowledge centre.

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