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Employee Engagement

The Global Engagement Gap Survey carried out by Towers and Perrin, focused on the drivers of attraction, retention and engagement in the workplace and was based on the responses of 90,000 employees across 18 countries.Global Employment Gap

Results showed that four out of five employees were not doing what was required to help their organizations succeed. Two out of five employees were either disenchanted or disengaged and to some extent had already ‘checked out’.

Acendz fosters employee engagement by providing more than fifty developmental options for the employee to consider and rank as part of the process of identifiying short, medium and long term professional goals. Research demonstrates that businesses that focus on employee motivation and development will significantly enhance retention, productivity and business profitability.

As an additional value add, the Acendz system  also assesses and reports on employee motivation within a specific organization according to gender, age, tenure, business unit and location  - critical information for the development and execution of HR strategy.

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