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Has your employer made the TWOwayFOCUS™ Programme available to you?

Do you need more information regarding the initial procedure

Then read on...

Once your organisation have provided the necessary details, you will receive an automated email from Acendz International Ltd. This email confirms your User id and an initial password which will enable you to logon to the Acendz Portal and complete the on line assessments.

Note that you have to be logged onto the Portal to do the assessments.

When you receive the email from Acendz, logon to the Portal and complete the About You section of the assessment. This section involves answering five questions and should take you no more than five minutes. At this time, you also have the option to change and personalise your password and for security reasons, we encourage you to do so.


You can access the portal from here or you can also access the Portal from the Acendz Home page

Login to Acendz Portal

Enter your username and initial password as provided in the email from Acendz International then

click on the GO button.

Note that the password is case sensitive.

The Portal Welcome page will display as follows:

Portal Welcome Page - Select the Career Focus Link

On the left side of the screen is Your Acendz.

Under that is the TWOwayFOCUS link. - Click on the link.

Alternatively click on the link Proceed to TWOwayFocus in the center of the page.

An Introduction to the TWOwayFOCUS™ Programme is displayed.

After reading the Introduction read the instructions by clicking on the instructions link or the instructions button at the bottom of the page.

From here simply click on the relevant buttons at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions as you go through the TWOwayFOCUS™ Programme.

You can exit from the programme as any time by clicking on the Save and Exit buttons and returning later to complete the assessments.

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