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Our latest online product.CareerSpec

CareerSpec™ is a cost effective online Development Programme that enhances individual motivation, improves productivity and assists the business to develop and retain key talent. In a post recession environment, organisations simply can't afford the costs associated with unplanned turnover or the challenges that are faced in a candidate short labour market. Managers across both private and public sector organisations are now turning their attention to restoring trust and engaging people as the 'Turnover Tsunami' threatens future business sustainability. Managers know that addressing development needs is no longer 'nice to do'….it’s a must do!

The need for people to be able to take shared responsibility for development has been discussed by Human Resource Managers, Learning and Development Leaders and Line Managers for years. With no framework in place, the difficulty seems to lie in exactly what developmental solutions to provide and how to provide them! In light of having no viable alternative, technical up-skilling has been the response even though we know that people resign, not because of a lack of technical skill but because of low levels of job satisfaction and unclear direction.

Now, with CareerSpec™, there is an effective alternative.

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