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Career In Transit™

Career In Transit™ is an innovative solution that is fundamentally changing the way businesses choose to make outplacement assistance available.

Career in Transit Solution

Organizations are turning to Career in Transit™ to ensure practical high impact advice for employees at all levels who are impacted by organizational change and redundancy.

Those organizations that provide Career In Transit™ for their departing employees will no longer question the Return on Investment as traditional 'program' offerings are replaced by a range of proven customized options that can be selected based on specific people and business needs.

Career in Transit™ has been designed by an outplacement specialist with more than twenty five years experience in providing personalized career and job search advice for employees at all levels impacted by redundancy.  

Career in Transit™ is the result of that experience and provides high quality career and job search advice 24/7 that really works without the need for expensive face to face coaching.

For organizations, Career in Transit™ will significantly slash outplacement costs without sacrificing quality.  Businesses will only pay for services that people actually want and need. Departing employees will receive customized and unrestricted assistance for life and will be able to progress at their own pace and in their own time.

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