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Assessing Turnover Costs

Numerous international and New Zealand based studies prove that the direct cost of just one unplanned exit falls somewhere between 1.5 times and 4 times the departing employee's salary.

Direct costs associated with ONE person leaving include:


  • Salary / wages of the person who fills in while the position is vacant
  • Exit interview time of employee and Manager
  • Administrative costs in preparing final pay
  • Set up costs of new employee - including payroll, computer /security passwords, identification cards, business cards, telephones, email accounts, credit card accounts, cell phones, cars, pagers
  • Manager's time spent in developing trust and building confidence in the new employee's work
  • Severance / benefits continuation in some cases
  • Personal Grievance costs - representation and settlement
  • Possible loss of customers / clients that the employee may take with them 
  • Disruption to the customer / client base managed by remaining employees
  • Effect on the morale of remaining employees
  • Absenteeism and burnout created by remaining employees having to work harder



  • Reduced productivity levels of new employees - productivity is estimated on average to be only at 25% for the first 2-4 weeks, at 50% during weeks 5 - 12 and at 75% during weeks 13 -20
  • Co-workers / supervisory lost productivity while bringing the new employee ‘up to speed'
  • Costs of mistakes by the new employee while working at less than 100% productivity
  • Project delay costs where the departing employee is a critical participant
  • Cost of the Manager having to understand what work remains and how to cover that work until a replacement is sourced
  • Loss of institutional knowledge, skills, contacts and Intellectual Property



  • Investment of training in the departing employee - internal and external
  • Orientation, training and induction of the new employee, their trainer and the materials 
  • Departmental training time and materials
  • Supervisory time in assigning, explaining and reviewing work assignments and output



  • External recruitment and selection costs - typically 15-20% of base salary plus advertising
  • Internal recruiter time - typically from 30 hours to over 100 hours per position
  • Recruitment administration time
  • Travel and / or relocation costs to attract top candidates
  • Selection panel preparation, interview and discussion time
  • Health screens and qualification / educational checks
  • Psychometric assessment - skills, abilities, aptitudes, values and behaviours

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